Tarps,Tarp Systems, and Liners

Tarps,Tarp Systems, and Liners

J&J Truck Equipment stocks a wide range of tarp systems and parts from Aero and Roll-Rite to cover and protect your dump truck or trailer. Electric, pull, and roll-type systems are available to make your job easier. Contact our experts at J&J Truck Equipment to decide which systems fit your needs.

QuickSilver® UHMW liners are the industries leading and most reliable polymer dump liners on the road. They can work in any environment, with any material and are capable of configuring to any dump body.

  • Can handle any temperature asphalt
  • Completely made with virgin materials
  • Quick-release reduces the chance of tip-over
  • Field-tested for over 15 years
  • Protects and prolongs the life of the dump's floor
  • Faster release means more loads per day
  • ⅛ the weight of steel
  • ⅓ the weight of Aluminum
Tarps,Tarp Systems, and Liners

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